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Background Checks

Protecting Your Company’s Greatest Assets – Its People

The risks associated with a bad hire are well known. Ranging from reputational and financial damage to risk of workplace violence as well as the specter of organized crime and terrorist elements infiltrating corporate echelons – the repercussions can be devastating!

Adopting a sound background screening program not only helps mitigate these risks proactively but also assists businesses in attracting the best talent.

Screen With The Experts

On the strength of processes built around global best practices, SecureSearch has been helping businesses implement and effectively manage their screening programs since 2008 with innovative, cost effective and customized solutions. By leveraging our local expertise and global network, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that are compliant with local and international regulations and deliver results that adhere to the highest levels of quality and integrity.

Smarter Solutions Through Continuous Innovation

With innovation at the heart of our operations, we ensure that our screening solutions always remain relevant in a rapidly changing risk environment. Our innovative and comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to help manage your background screening program effectively and allow you to screen your employees, contractors and vendors confidently.

SecureSearch’s screening solutions are structured to provide maximum flexibility and can be customized to meet your organization’s unique business needs.

Background Check Services

A criminal background check not only ensures a secure work environment for employees but also reduces the risk of legal liability for businesses. Criminal record searches are conducted through the designated law enforcement offices having jurisdiction over an individual’s residential address. To verify whether a candidate has been convicted or arrested for any crime or has a pending charge sheet, an application is required to be submitted to the police department and confirmation of criminal records, if any is received post verification with their records. Such searches can only be conducted with a candidate’s due consent.

Procedures for obtaining criminal records in India vary from one jurisdiction to the next. Candidates in certain states /cities may be required to present themselves at the concerned police department at the time of application submission, report collection as well as visit their local police stations as part of the process.

Verification of past employment records helps employers confirm the credentials of the applicants they are hiring and mitigate the cost of a bad hire. SecureSearch can conduct employment history verifications worldwide and will provide you with an auditable record of the verification to ensure transparent and accurate reporting. The last decade has witnessed the mushrooming of fake companies that provide false employment verifications for a fee. A standard component of SecureSearch employment verification entails the use of advanced research techniques to establish the authenticity of organizations and therefore, eliminate the chances of fraud.

Our checks can help verify details of an applicant’s past employments – such as, tenure, last designation held, roles and responsibilities, remunerations and nature of exit.

India’s large employment pool, with students graduating from nearly 800 universities and over 37,000 colleges every year competing for lucrative employment opportunities has led to a disturbing trend where nearly 5% of all educational records submitted for verification are found to be either fake or forged. Add to this the rise in degree mills and unaccredited institutions and the need for screening the educational qualifications of applicants becomes all the more pronounced. SecureSearch can conduct verification of educational records worldwide and help in confirming an applicant’s academic credentials by verifying that their degree, diploma or certificate is genuine. SecureSearch also maintains a proprietary database of degree mills and unaccredited universities against which all education / professional verifications are matched.
Pre-screening candidates for criminal and civil litigation records is important to ensure a safe work environment and guard against the risks of employee fraud, legal lawsuits and reputational damage. SecureSearch conducts comprehensive searches at the jurisdictional High Court, District and Sessions Courts to uncover civil or criminal offences registered against applicants, including judgments as well as cases pending against or filed by them. Court record searches can be carried out across India and are performed either through online access or through our extensive network of legal professionals.
In an Indian context, it is important to verify applicants’ place of stay to confirm their veracity as also to enable companies to trace their employees and contact them in emergent situations. Verification of applicants’ residential address is conducted through a physical site visit and is usually ordered at their current or permanent addresses.
Identity fraud is a major global menace and a preliminary Identity Check serves as a critical first step in establishing an applicant’s identity. SecureSearch uses innovative technology to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective on-demand solutions to verify the authenticity of government-issued identification documents, including Aadhaar Card, Passport, Permanent Account Number [PAN], Voters Card and Driving License.
Information gathered through interviews with professional references helps organizations gain insight into their employees’ integrity, work ethic and character. It also serves as an additional layer to authenticate the applicants’ work history and identify information wilfully omitted from their resumes.
Such interviews with colleagues, managers or other professional references are conducted by a team of trained professionals and are based on either a set of standardized questions or a list customized as per clients’ specifications.
SecureSearch conducts intensive searches though subscription-based databases aggregating global regulatory and compliance information. These searches help to check if an applicant’s name figures adversely in more than 250 datasets, including money launderers, fraudsters, terrorists and sanctioned entities, plus individuals and businesses from over a dozen other categories. It also covers Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), their family members and potentially high-risk associates worldwide.
SecureSearch offers comprehensive global media search results curated from over 30,000 sources global, including trusted news-sites, licensed publications, company profiles, industry information, social media content and public records that provide relevant and actionable information on companies, industries or individuals.
Employees predisposed to drug abuse are a clear and present danger to themselves,  their co-workers and the workplace in general. Organizations are increasingly adopting drug screening programs to ensure a clean and healthy work environment and offset the risks associated with drugs-related crimes. With a wide provider network across India, SecureSearch can help your organization implement an effective employee drug screening program, with a comprehensive range of solutions to maintain compliance with organizational screening policy and ensure a drug-free workplace.
Organizations that employ commercial drivers or otherwise use the services of third-party transport service providers, should ideally verify the licenses of all drivers being used for transportation of their employees to ensure the safety of their employees and guard against potential litigation. SecureSearch can assist organizations verify the driving licenses of their drivers across India and also help confirm the validity and category of vehicles the license holder is permitted to drive.
Our Credit Report can help uncover applicants who may have a history of not meeting their personal financial obligations effectively and could therefore pose a risk for their organizations. The risks for organizations get accentuated when such applicants are being considered for senior positions or roles with financial responsibilities.

Other Services

Risk Management

SecureSearch’s portfolio of risk management services focuses on analyzing background information on individuals and entities to identify potential reputational, financial and compliance risks

HR Support Services

SecureSearch’s end-to-end HR support services offer companies the opportunity to concentrate their non-core processes under a single partner, allowing HR teams to focus on other critical functions

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