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Consumer Screening Solutions

With the incidence of domestic crimes on the increase, the purview of background checks is no more restricted to the domain of corporate hiring. The safety and security interests of households are best served if the identity and credentials of individuals hired for domestic purposes are thoroughly verified prior to their engagement.

Driver / Household Help Screening

Verify the background of the household help and drivers you employ for your personal use to protect your valuable assets and more importantly, safeguard your family from the risk of potential crimes at the hands of individuals who are at most times, unknown to you. A comprehensive background check will help verify the identity, credentials and criminal antecedents, if any of such individuals as well as confirm their eligibility and skills to perform the jobs they are employed for.

SecureSearch strongly recommends a Criminal Records Verification to confirm that they do not have any recorded criminal history. This check also ensures compliance with police guidelines on registration of drivers and domestic help and additionally serves as a deterrent against future misadventures. Verification of Residential Addresses – preferably at their current and permanent locations is also highly recommended, as it is places a traceable address on record, which can be reached in case of an emergency or a criminal incident. SecureSearch can verify the genuineness and validity of Driving Licenses as well as obtain Proficiency and Behavioral Feedback from past employers to determine suitability for employment. As an added security measure, drivers may also be subject to a medical check to screen for Drug / Alcohol Dependence.

Recommended Package

  • Professional Reference Check
  • Driving License Verification
  • Medical Check / Drug Screening
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Address Verification
  • Identity Check

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