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HR Support Services

Unpredictable hiring requirements coupled with high employee turnover has led to HR departments increasingly investing a greater part of their time and efforts in managing their organization’s talent acquisition and retention functions. SecureSearch’s end-to-end HR support services offer companies the opportunity to concentrate their non-core processes under a single outsourcing partner, allowing HR teams to focus on other critical functions.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews conducted through a neutral third party agency provides exiting employees with a non-partisan platform to air their feedback freely without fear of retribution or prejudice. Such honest and unbiased information not just helps companies take corrective actions and develop retention strategies where necessary; it also reiterates the organization’s commitment to transparency and fair grievance redressal.

SecureSearch‘s exit interviews provide a confidential platform for separating employees to share constructive feedback and air grievances and criticisms, if any, which could serve as important drivers for organizational improvement. Our telephonic exit interviews ensure neutral information collation and objective reporting, thereby complementing your organization’s employee retention efforts.

Integrated On-boarding Process Management

SecureSearch’s on-boarding support services provide a seamless integration with your company’s background screening process and include provision of an onsite helpdesk, establishing and maintaining contact with candidates till the time of their joining, collection and management of documents and all other company specific on-boarding requirements.

This service can also be extended to management of separating employees’ clearance process as well as facilitating foreclosure of physical and electronic access at the time of exit.

Other Services

Background Checks

Mitigate the risks of a bad hire with SecureSearch’s innovative, cost effective and customized solutions designed to manage your organization’s screening program effectively‌

Risk Management

SecureSearch’s portfolio of risk management services focuses on analyzing background information on individuals and entities to identify potential reputational, financial and compliance risks