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Third Party Screening Solutions

With outsourcing of non-core functions becoming the norm rather than an exception in the modern business environment, organizations today are increasingly dealing with an extended workforce that includes vendors, contingent staff, consultants, contractors and temporary staff. To optimize the effectiveness of your organization’s background screening policy and to render its coverage truly comprehensive, it is important to extend the reach of your screening program to cover every entity and individual that has access to your facilities, employees or customers.

Commercial Drivers Screening

Whether part of your own workforce or employed with your outsourced fleet service provider, it is imperative that all drivers responsible for transporting your employees and customers are thoroughly background-screened.

SecureSearch provides a robust solution for screening of commercial drivers, which includes verification of Criminal Records, Residential Address and Identity in addition to confirming the genuineness and validity of their Driving License. As an added safety layer, drivers operating in high-risk roles – such as transporting senior executives or involved in late-hour ferrying of employees, may also be screened for Drug / Alcohol Dependence.

Checks Covered

  • Identity Check
  • Address Verification
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Drug Screening
  • Driving License Verification

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