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Risk Management

To maintain their competitive advantage and ensure effective management of risks, businesses need to be aware of the full spectrum of risks they are exposed to within a constantly changing global risk climate. SecureSearch’s portfolio of risk management services focuses on analyzing background information on individuals and entities to identify potential reputational, financial and compliance risks your business may be exposed to while dealing with such entities.

Reputational Due Diligence

Being associated with the right people – be they senior executives, employees performing critical functions or other business associates, is vital for organizations to protect their business interests. While a standard background check may be sufficient to mitigate the risks of a bad hire, crucial positions demand the requirement of a more comprehensive due diligence covering their track record, integrity and reputation as well as identifying any potential conflicts of interest that could have a detrimental impact on the business.
Combining in-depth research, business intelligence and non-intrusive field investigations, SecureSearch builds detailed profiles on individuals that help its customers make informed decisions based on an analysis of the individuals’ background and associated risks, if any.

Key Features

  • Identity Verification
  • Skills and Competency Mapping
  • Integrity and Reputational Profiling
  • Directorship and Business Interest
  • Non-intrusive Field Investigations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Regulatory Compliance History
  • Criminal and Civil Litigation History

Company Screening

SecureSearch offers comprehensive Company Reports that becomes an input to services such as vendor verification, credit appraisal of companies or market research for new customers. SecureSearch Company Reports can be ordered for either the master company, a holding company or a subsidiary, associate or joint venture company.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive: Captures every public document filed with MCA
  • Customized: Reports configurable as per specific need
  • Scalable: Capable of undertaking large volumes at competitive costs

Other Services

Background Checks

Mitigate the risks of a bad hire with SecureSearch’s innovative, cost effective and customized solutions designed to manage your organization’s screening program effectively

HR Support Services

SecureSearch’s end-to-end HR support services offer companies the opportunity to concentrate their non-core processes under a single partner, allowing HR teams to focus on other critical functions

Choose from a range of specially curated risk management solutions designed to safeguard organizations and consumers